Jean-Jacques Sioen was a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur. In 1960, when hardly anybody had heard of the word technical textiles, he founded Sioen Industries. He specialised in this "new" and promising niche and built a first small coating line in Beveren-Roeselare, Belgium.

In memoriam Mr. Jean-Jacques Sioen (24/11/1935 - 20/11/2009)

In 1967 Jean-Jacques' wife Jacqueline Sioen started an apparel workshop in Roeselare, using Sioen coated textiles. Together they built up a success story where their daughters play an important part.

Mr. Sioen's philosophy was always a pragmatic one: to be better, faster and more innovative in all activities he undertook. Out of that approach came the company motto: "protection through innovation".

Throughout the 70's and 80's the company continued to grow, despite the oil crisis and economic slowdown. Soon the two buildings at Beveren and one at Roeselare became too small and the company moved to a single new site at Ardooie, the current headquarters of the company.

"Standing still is going backwards" was one of his favourite expressions. The company expanded its export business and acquired production sites abroad. In 1989 Jean-Jacques Sioen received the export award from Prince Albert.

But also misfortunes came along. The way Sioen overcame these problems demonstrates the strength and will of Jean-Jacques Sioen and his family. In 1991 a fire destroyed the Ardooie plant. This set-back gave a new élan to the company.

Driven by Jean-Jacques and Jacqueline Sioen, the company inaugurated a brand new state-of-the art production plant in Ardooie (Belgium), went public with an IPO and was declared "Company of the year".

Loyal to his own words "protection through innovation", the company continued to invest permanently in new applications, markets, products, new processes and techniques.

After 45 years as CEO of the company, Mr. Sioen retired in 2005 and became chairman of the Board of Directors.